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Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Pope Benedict XVI Criticized By Israeli Government

Today's Express, a publication of The Washington Post, reports that:
Pope Benedict XVI faced the first major conflict of his papacy when Israel summoned the Vatican envoy Monday and expressed outrage that the Pope " deliberately failed" to condemn terrorist attacks against Israelis. In remarks he made Sunday in Italy, Benedict prayed for God to stop the "murderous hand" of terrorists and referred to the recent " abhorrant terrorist attacks" in Egypt, Britain, Turkey and Irak but did not mention attacks in Israel.
Mmmm, and what about attacks against Palestinians? should they express their outrage too for being omitted from those remarks? More on this story could be found here.

My friend at Dappled Things has a neat post on Pope Benedict's views on the theological significance of the Jewish people and at the place of Israel.


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