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Sunday, November 06, 2005

The Angry Young Men

I have been following with real concern the alarming situation in France and the recent acts of violence mainly in the suburbs of Paris.I think that violence will lead only to violence. The more acts of violence the more rigid is the french governemnt and the more drastic measures it is going to take against North Africans living in France.What we are seeing now will further stigmatize Arabs and Muslims around the world and I think Arabs and Muslims have enough suffering.This is really a terrible dilemma, I hope that those young angry men will have a wake up call and end up this unproductive and hateful acts for it is in their benefit after all. The Moor Next Door has a comment on the current situation in France which I found quite informative though I do not agree with him when he claims that "the worst parts of French cities resemble Algiers or Tunis".I am not familiar with Algiers but I can talk about Tunis.


Blogger KNL said...

I only mean that there is a similar level of neglect/blight in the slums where the Mahgrebis there congregate often. There are parts of Paris that remind me of Algiers right away. I use Tunis only for cultural implication.


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