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Monday, February 27, 2006


Well this is simply the surgical operation to recover a lost virginity, not before marriage as it is the case in most traditional and conservative societies where virginity is a very important issue, but for the sake of pleasure.In fact, It is the trend and the fashion now that married women over 40 or so seek "revirginisation" to surprise their husbands while celebrating their wedding anniversaries. Read the following story for more.

(Via Drudge)


Blogger nemella said...

“Children are going to bed hungry in this city. But wealthy women are having fake hymens for thousands of dollars to “add that extra spark” to their marriages, then have it undone in one night? "" extrait de l'article...
first , I was saying, well why not? after all , if they like it.. and make them happy.. but then I read that and I agree... it's totally absurd..

3:34 PM  

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