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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

EL-Jem & Sida Bou Said

While googling I came across this post by a tourist who visited Tunisia recently and what brought my attention is the fact that this tourist may be, I presume, inadvertently used the word "Sida" (عافانا وعافاكم اللّه) instead of "Sidi" to refer to Sidi Bousaid, a mere typing error , but when she was talking about the Mediterranean sea as the "ocean", I couldn't resist relating this story. Well, may be one shouldn't be that harsh on this lady but I guess if she was able to blog, I presume, she is also able to do some googling and check the exact information on her touristic destination.


Blogger Roumi said...

@hannibal : tu as vu mon Grand ; on peut pas dire que cette brave femme ait été très expansive et très précise dans son récit de visite à El Jem. A part tourner en rond... on se demande bien ce qu'elle a vu, pensé, ressenti, ... :)
Sinon pour Sidi Bou, elle a peut être lu "Sida" dans un guide touriste américain ! Tout est possible ! :)

5:57 PM  

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