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Friday, May 25, 2007

Hannibal Needs Some Help

Could any one please help me find an online or scanned picture of Hannibal Barca mounting an elephant during his crossing of the Alps?. I tried google and yahoo image but couldn't find a good one. Your help is highly appreciated. Thank you! :)


Blogger SkyDancer said...

Essai sur

tapes hannibal elephant dans la barre de recherche

6:08 PM  
Anonymous Swobodin said...

Sorry for the stupid question, but have you already tried this request?

8:20 PM  
Blogger Tarek Kahlaoui said...

Is there a specific pic you've in mind? because there are tons depicting that moment (famous ones are in the wikipedia's article of Hannibal including my favourite i.e. Turner's painting)

9:33 PM  
Blogger Téméraire V5.0 said...

Quel est le degré d'urgence, j'ai plusieurs photo sur des CD mais il faut que je les cherche.

9:44 AM  
Blogger ->> AntikoR <<- said...

Salut Hannibal,

J'ai pourtoi quelque chose qui va te faire plaisir..

voilà le lien:

tu trouvera beaucoup de photos d'Hannibal en elephant.. navige sur toutes les pages en cliquant sur les éléphants en bas de chaque page.
Les pages 2 et 3 et 4 t'interesseront plus que la premiere page

11:26 AM  
Blogger Hannibal said...

@Skydander: thank you that was an interesting website I didn't know about before:)

@Swobodin: no worries I already tried that request. Thank you anyway for your contribution:)

@Tarek: as I mentioned I am looking for a pic of Hannibal mounting an elephant during his crossing of the Alps, the one in wikipedia is interesting though it has given Hannibal an oriental look which is not the one I want. The Turner painting is fabulous!
@Temeraire:it's quite urgent since I need the pic for an important project. Thank you as well for you efforts:. I will post the pic I referred to in my comment to antikor and it should be like that:) so this might give you an idea on the picture I am looking for.
@Antikor: the website you provided is great I could say I found a pic that might be appropriate.The computerized pic is perfect although Hannibal is not quite recognizable on the elephant.
@To all thank you guys for answering my request, I really appreciate you taking the time and helping me I am really indebted to you:)

4:52 PM  

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