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Sunday, August 21, 2005

An Update On My Vacation In Tunisia

It's been almost three weeks now that I am in Tunisia.I stayed most of the time in my home town ElJem which was quite busy than usual. I attended a few concerts which were programmed by the International Classical Music Festival that took place at the Roman Amphitheatre of ElJem and which ended yesterday by a show titled Sinfonia Flamenca with Juan Carmona and the Orchestre Symphonique Tunisien.Alongside the Festival another event took place in ElJem: the 7th Edition of the Festival Tunisie Découverte 21, a cultural event where various young artists and musical bands from different parts of the world came to ElJem to participate in this Festival. I am planning to visit Tunis the capital sometime by the end of this month and of course spending some days in Sousse and Mahdia two coastal cities in Tunisia. I've been so mean in blogging those three last weeks due mainly to the fact that I have to go to the only cybercafe in ElJem which opens only 4 hours a day! I am not going to talk about the connection speed which makes the task of surfing the web and doing some blogging even more difficult and boring. I am still trying to post some pics I took from the Helen Carter and the New Orleans Harmonettes Gospel show that took place in ElJem, but I think I will leave that when I go to Tunis. I just miss reading the other blogs that I used to visit daily and I hope my friends will understand that. Anyway I just wanted to give you an update on my vacation in Tunisia. Don Jim, I hope I will be able to post some pics as promised.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Meetup 6 in the way , would you come in ?

7:13 AM  
Blogger Hannibal said...

I will be back by mid Septepmber.

5:57 PM  

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