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Monday, October 31, 2005

Hannibal Vs. Rome II

Yesterday I watched the NG Channel's two-hour long documentary on Hannibal Barca's battle aginst the Romans.Despite the repeated and boring cuts of commercials, the doc was excellent in that it gives you an idea on Hannibal's years of childhood, the influence of his father Hamilcar Barca on his future as army general and the aoth he took, under his father's request, to consider Rome as his eternal enemy and which will have a deep impact on his future life.After Hannibal's historic victory over the Romans and his ultimate defeat in the battle of Zama, the son of Barca, finds out that he was only fighting for an illusion, Carthage his native city, which he left at the Age of 9 and returned back to after many years he spent in Spain and Italy. In a tragic ending note, Hannibal Barca, fearing to be caught by the Romans and eventually killed, committed suicide, leaving behind him the epic true story of a North African warrior who would dare to challenge the impossible and shape the course of human history as well as an army general who influenced the modern warfare through his ancient, though innovative tactics.

The documentary featured the participation of a team of renowned Tunisian actors such, Hicham Roustom, Mohamed Kouki, Malika Hachemi and I could not find the name of the actor who played the role of Scipio Africanus the Younger( By the way he is playing the role of Anwar in the Ramadhan TV serial "Awdet El Miniar" on Channel Tunis 7).


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