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Friday, October 28, 2005

Mahgreb Blog Review II

First of all I wanted to apologize for our fellow tunisian bloggers : Adib, Subzero and Jrayda for inadvertantly ignoring the fact that the magharebia article did mention them. The fact is that I first read the article in its badly translated arabic version so I didn't really pay much attention to whom the author is referring (for example the fact that they misspelled Adib's name and writing أبيدس1 or jarida instead of Adib1 and Jrayda). I was much more pissed off when I found that a major portion of the article was focusing on Moroccan bloggers and moroccan food(my dear moroccan brothers and sisters please no offence I have nothing against you :)) anyway I would like to congratulate our fellow Tunisian bloggers for this success not because it was an american-sponsored website that mentioned them but because it was a recognition that bloggers in the Maghreb do really exist and they do contribute actively to the world of blogosphere. By the way the website magharebia is widely read here in the States and I remember that during a Senate Armed Services hearing at Capitol Hill, a Pentagon official referred to it as a new and important tool to further help understanding between Americans and the Arab and Moslem world mainly in North Africa.Adib special thanks for linking to me both in your personal blog and the Maghreb one too! I really appreciate it.

Asma I read your feedback and I totally agree with what you said and I understand your irritation :) in the case of this article there was no mention of an author but I think he or she is an amateur online contributer to magharebia and do not know too much about the world of blogs. Morevover, I am usually careful to observe such details as article sources, identity of authors, exact web links etc which I think add to the credibility of the blogger and avoid whatever problems that may arise. Finally I hope that the writer of the magharebia article will find out the stir he or she has created among our fellow and dear Tunisian bloggers and write a more accurate and objective piece on the Maghreb blogosphere.

On a side note, Adib, the fact that the comment section is limited to a few was because certain visitors profited from my blog by posting their silly ads which sometimes take you to obscene websites but I will give your suggestion a thought:)


Blogger Houssein said...

Thysdrus, I linked you in Maghreblog, not Adib ;-)

2:53 PM  
Blogger Houssein said...

By the way, I think of your blog as one of the best tunisian blogs ;-)

2:57 PM  
Blogger Hannibal said...

Oooops! Sorry Houssein for the confusion and thanks for correcting me and for your kind compliments:)

7:58 PM  
Blogger adib said...

houus, moi aussi je l'ai linker suite à ton article sur maghreblog:):)
au fait je suis vraiment surpris que le pentagone s'interresse de prés à nous:)
on doit être surveillé de prés:)

8:15 PM  
Blogger Hannibal said...

Be careful guys !!;):)

10:10 PM  

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