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Sunday, September 04, 2005

Israeli Foreign Minister To Visit Tunisia Next November

According to Elaph, an arabic news website, Silvan Shalom the Israeli Foreign Minister accompanied by Dalia Isaac, Minister of Communications, will visit Tunisia next November to take part in the World Summit on Information Society which will be held in Tunis (November 16-18, 2005). Silvan Shalom is by the way born in Tunisia in the southern city of Gabes.


Anonymous karim2k said...

As the Wsis is on anybody welcome ...

2:40 AM  
Blogger Andy Carvin said...

In February, President Ben Ali invited Ariel Sharon as well. At the time, Sharon accepted. Is Sharon still planning to attend, or has he delegated the responsibility to Shalom?

Then again, it's quite possible (though I pray not) that Bibi Netanyahu could knock Sharon out of the Likud leadership, and frankly, I can't imagine Ben Ali extending a very warm welcome for Bibi.... -andy

9:34 AM  

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