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Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Italian Influence On Tunisian Dialect

I came across this neat post over A Tunisian In Uk. He mentions some of the words found in Tunisian dialect and which he traces back to their origin in similar italian words. I found this really interesting knowing that Tunisia was and still at the criss-cross of various civilizations and cultures. I could mention as well the spanish influence on Tunisian dialect and here just two examples:
-Sinneria (Tun)( sfinneria in other regions in Tunisia)- zanahorias (Sp)- carrots (Eng)-جزر (Arabic).
-Bano (Tun)-Baño (Sp)- bathroom (Eng)-بيت الحمّام (Arabic).


Blogger Greg said...

This is also the case in Egyptian Arabic and in other dialects.

Some examples that come to mind off the cuff are

kutshina (deck of cards) which supposedly comes from giochina but sounds suspiciously like cucina

komodino (small side table)

fatuura (bill) from Italian fattura

Also, in Lebanon they call tomatoes banadura or bandura, which comes from pomodoro. Alas, the Egyptians use the English loan-word tomaatum.

This is a neat topic. I'll compile a list for Egyptian and put it on my blog.

12:03 PM  

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