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Sunday, October 02, 2005

Oliver Twist: The Movie, Two Thumbs Up!

Yesterday, I watched "Oliver Twist" and I can say I don't regret it. Although Polanski introduced some alterations to the original plot, I found the movie really awesome especially the meticulous choice of scenes from the sordid reality of London's underworld as well as Fagin's den in the city's slums. Ben Kingsly playing the role of Fagin (Kingsly played as well the role of Ghandi), was at his best. Barney Clark, who played "Oliver Twist" excelled as well.One thing is that the scene when Oliver visited Fagin in his prison cell before the latter's execution, was really moving something I didn't really feel when I read the novel. It was, however, hard for me to understand the rough Cockney slang the pauper children used but oddly enough, Oliver who has never been educated, speaks in proper Queen’s English.Ok guys that's enough! this movie is a must so don't miss it!


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