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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Without Your Help, Italy Could Lose Something

NPR has an audio segment about a provocative campaign launched by a private italian Foundation CittàItalia, to urge italians to be more aware of their unique art heritage, something they take for granted.

"I often saw people every day going to work not seeing the Coliseum and suddenly realizing when they have some people visiting them that there is the Coliseum," tour guide Giorgio Sansa says.

The private Foundation CittàItalia has decided to make Italians aware of what's at stake. It's running a TV spot showing famous landmarks without the monuments that made them famous: Rome without the Coliseum, Venice without the Bridge of Sighs, Pisa without the leaning tower.

I wonder how Rome will look like without its Coliseum or Venice without its Bridge of Sighs or even a David with a missing leg! (Senza il tuo aiuto in Italia potrebbe mancare qualcosa)


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