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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Legalizing Polygamy In The US

While women in several countries are fighting for emancipation and equal rights with men, an interesting piece in today's Washington Post looks at the fight led by american polygamists, bascially among the Mormons, in order to be seen as part of mainstream society.
SALT LAKE CITY -- In her battle to legalize polygamy, the only thing Valerie hasn't revealed is her last name. The mother of eight has been on national TV; her photo along with that of her two "sister-wives" has graced the front cover of a glossy magazine dedicated to "today's plural marriages."

She has been prodded about her sex life: "He rotates. It's easy -- just one, two, three." Quizzed about her decision to share a husband with two other women: "You really have a good frame of reference when you marry a man who already has two wives." Interrogated about what it's like to live in a house with 21 children: "Remodeling a kitchen, that's no small feat with three wives and a husband involved."


Anonymous aymen said...

sahha lihom :-p mech kifna ahna kan des fois la3bad ytihou bwahda mataswach (tka3bretlek ma3naha wetkachchit) surtout ma3a essel3a el mawjouda tawwa :-s jma3et open mind !

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