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Sunday, January 07, 2007

Seven Travel Secrets You Can Use

The following is a list of seven travel secrets one can use. ( Our friend Napo might be interested in these travel tips ;))



Anonymous elgreco said...

Merci pour l'INFo
oui, voyager est un m├ętier...

@++ sur mes rivages

4:26 AM  
Blogger Napo said...

Totally real and true Dear Hannibal.
Great tips.
I always get the isle seat no matter what.
I tried with a great level of success to get a the next category car.
For the business class, i only get it when my flight is either cancelled, delayed too much or flight jam when the plan can't land on time
For the hotel upgrade, it only worked when i'm accompagned with my wife in a sexy dress, and the attendant is a male..telling him it's our honeymoon, the n'th honey moon :-))))
For luggage, it was not always successfull, it's actually a guranteed failure especially when you're bound to Tunis. Marhaban bikom fi matar tounis KORTAS :-)))))
I agree that yon can find wonders online...

8:28 AM  

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