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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Undercover Mosques

After watching this troubling documentary aired by the British Channel 4 on January 15, 2007, I personally came to the sad conclusion that the argument advanced by moderate moslems that Islam is a religion of peace and tolerance will hardly be accepted or at least understood by those who think that Islam and Moslems are the real enemy of the West.I even doubt if moderate Moslems living in the UK, in particular, and in the West, in general, will be able to explain or defend the argument that what the documentary has shown is but " an extremist, dark, misleading and dangerous way of Islam" that has nothing to do with the real nature of Islam and Moslems. After watching this program, I would say that, unfortunately, this documentary and similar ones will just add fuel to fire and further stigmatize the already tarnished image of Moslems and Islam around the world and reinforce the idelogies of hate and the rejection of the other.
The documentary is in six parts, and you can view it here.

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Blogger Monsieur-bien said...

The content of the BBC video you are advertising are less disturbing to me than the way you argued in your text I am sorry to say it.
Islam is a 14 century religion which has had its ups and downs and the West know it very well sometimes even more than so said moslems themselves.
In every religion there's a minority of stupid ugly antipathic elements that are there to create the chaos and disseminate the hatred....So up to you to be unfluenced or think they represent whatever they say.
It isnot surprising in these conditions that in your site commentors come and insult the religion and its prophet without any reaction from you.

7:49 PM  
Blogger Hannibal said...


First of all let me bring to your attention the following clarifications and corrections:

The doc I posted is by Channel 4 and not BBC, that shows clearly that you did in fact watch the entire doc, which I personally doubt.

I am not paid by BBC, Channel 4 or Canal 7 to advertise or do propaganda on their behalf. My blog is not a radio station or a TV channel to air ads as you claimed and looking at your “modest English" I hope you'll grasp the difference between "advertising" and the act of posting a piece of news or information in a blog.

If you find the doc less disturbing that's your business I didn't reserve an award for those who will find it less disturbing or really amusing. My argument remains a personal one based on personal observation and conclusion and if you don't agree with it, you are totally free to think the opposite. In both cases, your standpoint won't change mine.

I find it needless that you are reminding me that "Islam is 14 century (sic) religion...". I am Moslem, the son of a Moslem, but what really hurts my feeling is the fact that you admit that westerners know Islam better than Moslems themselves, aren’t you ashamed of yourself? What have YOU done to better understand Islam or at least promote the noble values and teachings of Islam namely that you have to respect the other?

Be careful, you are treading a dangerous path, I am not siding with extremists or fanatics, which as you stated " are there to create the chaos and disseminate hatred", (at least I agree with you in that) I am just posting a TV program that shows how the West portrays Moslem radicals in a very ugly and vicious way and which unfortunately will further tarnish the image of Islam and Moslems as a whole. Like this extremist minority in the Moslem world, the West as well has its own extremist factions that will make no difference between Moderate and Radical Moslems and they end up putting all Moslems in the same basket.

Make no mistake, having posted this TV program doesn't imply that I am influenced by its content. If you think that whatever one posts is out of influence or sympathy to someone or something, I will stop running this blog starting from now.

Please spare me your lessons about morality and what I shall do and what I shall not do and how I should react to a certain comment or certain idea. I know whom you are referring to. Shall I remind you, Monsieur-bien, that THIS IS MY PERSONAL SPACE and I am here the MASTER, guests are welcome and unwanted ones they better not even think to knock at the door.( wel fhim yefhim!) Moreover, I want to inform you that I am someone who knows well his religion and his Prophet (PBUH) and his Quran and I will NEVER, allow anybody to insult my religion or The Prophet (PBUH) or the holy Quran in my blog or in any other forum of discussion.

Finally you better go back to your secondary school English language courses that's the first step, I guess, to help you understand the other and consequently, overcome your enemy and as a matter of fact, cleanse your soul and help you stop the feeling of hatred that you keep in your heart towards certain bloggers that I know and you know very well.

PS: I rarely respond to certain comments in such a harsh and spiteful way, but when I feel that someone is questioning my personal integrity and invading my space, I become a monster! Wel 7adher ybelligh el Ghayib!

11:14 PM  
Blogger Monsieur-bien said...

My answer to you will be short as I am not intending to play the game of putting myself at the same level as you.
If you think that your hard life of immigrant in the US gives you the capacity and the right to correct my english mistakes then I wish you to have fun.
More seriously now, you said " ....add fuel to fire and further stigmatize the already tarnished image of Moslems and Islam around the world and reinforce the idelogies of hate and the rejection of the other..." To that statement I said that I don't agree, unless by your post you were talking about your personal case and how you are personally perceived in your host country.
Video like that one don't represent anything and Westerns ( perhaps not the ones you are allowed to see ) will not be influences by that.
Finally MR the MASTER of Nothing I allow you a dispense from burning your head in answering me back as I will never make the mistake again to read your rubbish anymore... Sincerely....

1:52 AM  
Blogger cerebrator said...

Hmm, Bro, I think you were a bit too emotional in your reply.

Anyway, yeh, I know what u trying to say Bro.

While the media does not represent anybody, their messages are influential to some (not all) people.

8:57 AM  
Blogger Hannibal said...

@Monsieur whatever:

I really pity you and pity the like of you, I am not going as well to waste my energy and my time responding to a pathetic jerk like you! FYI I AM NOT AN IMMIGRANT AND I AM NOT HAVING HARD TIMES HERE AND MY PERSONAL CASE IS FAR BETTER THAN YOURS. One day you will know who I am and you will regret to death the stupid and irresponsable remarks you just flushed away! My blog will get more tainted if you and the like of you dare to come back and finally Good Riddance!.

@Cerebrator: I am sorry to say it but this jerk really deserves it. BTW it's a long story bro...

9:58 AM  

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