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Monday, September 26, 2005

Who Is The Bigger Threat?

A congressionally mandated advisory committee recently released a report citing polls that found that large majorities in Egypt, Morocco and Saudi Arabia "view George W Bush as a greater threat to the world order than Osama bin Laden.". Last year, the Committee led a fact-finding mission to the Middle East and warned that "there is deep and abiding anger toward US policies and actions,". The Advisory Committee on Cultural Diplomacy, which was founded in 2004 by US Congress reports to and advises the Secretary of State on ways to promote the use of cultural diplomacy in the foreign policy of the United States.


Blogger Legend Of The Fall said...

hi, yes I still in usa but i was in was dc, now i am in charlotte nc and i am going to san fransisco then new york. i am sad coz i didn t see you. i am in hilton university hotel place in charlotte till wed night. thursday i am goimg to sf. hope you are ok.

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