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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

You Tube, A Friend Or A Foe?

A piece in today's The Washington Post that looks at the growing discomfort among big media companies vis-à-vis You Tube, which they consider as a threat that could siphon off their TV audiences and ad dollars or a powerful promotion machine that could generate buzz for the shows.


Anonymous totti said...

This copyright issue is getting ridiculous and asking the publishers to request removal won't last forever. goog will have to do something, it is not battling against small authors now. They will have to find a compromise and I have the right solution for them: Revenue Sharing. goog will generate money from youtube through its classical contextual and especially their new video based ads. All they have to do is share the revenue with the provider of the copyrighted material depending on the sequence being played. And to further encourage the growth of their system they will allow Joe Sixpacks to get a stake from displaying their own videos.

10:39 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

They just paid $50M to Universal and Sony. They will be paying more now that Google got it. I am sure that Goolge will find a formula (ads insertion or something) to pay producers or else they would never have risked this pricy acquisition

1:54 PM  

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