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Thursday, November 23, 2006

I Am Outraged!

I have been following the dramatic developments in Lebanon namley after the assasination of late Pierre Jmayel. Undoubtedly what happened is a horrible and inacceptable crime, however the worldwide reactions to this incident seems to me a bit excessive and partly politically motivated.Shortly after the incident,statements from all over the world have condemned this horrible and inhuman act.Declarations of protest, anger and threat were issued against the culprits. George Bush, Kofi Annan, the EU,Jaques Chirac, Valdimir Putin, Tony Blair, King of Jordan,Hosni Moubarek... and guess what even Shimoun Peres expressed his support for Lebanon! What made me really angry is the fact that today almost 150 iraki innocents were killed and no body dared to say a word!. Innocent Palestinians are killed daily and no one said a word! You will say these are different situations and circumstances but crimes differ in scope and consequences so why all this silence on the horrible pogrom happening in places like Irak and Palestine while the whole world is under shock and awe following the death of one person who was well aware of the dramatic outcome of his political standpoints. It's just that I am really outraged today!


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