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Wednesday, December 06, 2006

El Al's Big Mistake

It seems that the Israeli airways company El Al is under fire from haredi representatives after a second report stating that

passengers were unknowingly served non-kosher sandwiches on a flight from Budapest last Thursday after the kosher food brought from Israel had spoiled due to the plane's long stay at Budapest airport as it was unable to depart due to the general strike in Israel.

Four days of crisis seemed irreversibly bound for an economically painful haredi consumer boycott slated to be announced Wednesday that threatened to cut into as much as 30 percent of El Al's revenues on flights to America and certain destinations in Europe.

Rabbi Yitzhak Goldknoph, secretary of the Rabbinic Council for the Holiness of Shabbat, said Tuesday evening that during a meeting at his office in Jerusalem, Romano provided verbal promises that, if committed to a legally binding written agreement, seemed to fulfill haredi conditions for a rapprochement. "We need a written obligation, anchored in law and enforceable in a court of law, that El Al will never again desecrate Shabbat," said Goldknoph on his way out of the negotiations.

Ok, with due respect to Jewish faith and the really sensitive and sacred issue of kocher food for jews as it is the case, by the way, for Muslims when it comes to pork, I found the reaction a bit exagerated. Indeed, in Islam , eating pork is forbidden, but there is always exceptions, for one is allowed to eat pork in extreme situations where there's no food but pork and when the life of the person is at risk, so he or she can eat pork in order to survive. I wonder what one will do on a El Al flight let's say from Europe to the US and it happens that there's no kocher food?? To think about!
Via The Jerusalem Post


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