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Friday, March 09, 2007

Casey Stratton - Motherless Child


You are a wingless bird
Wishing for fire
For a trace of desire
Stretching out toward the light
Feeling the pain
From the winged brigade
I know deep in your soul
Lies a motherless child
Holding to a photograph
And I pray for your safe return
Hope I see you down by the river

I'd give you the rose from my teeth
Give the air that I breathe
I would give you my heartbeat
And nothing is dearer to me
Than your need to be
Everything you that want to be
So I'll hold back the storm
Keep you safe from the cold

You're the evidence of the existence of a God
I wish you knew that
I can't watch you starve
Alone in the dark
So I'll ring the church bells
Where have you gone?
Are you back where the sun shines over the river?
And I pray that you're peaceful now
That I'll see you when you are better

If only I'd hear your voice
Finally strong enough to stand all the noise
Finally proud enough to set yourself free
Then maybe you'd come back to me


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love this song!!! Thanks.

12:09 AM  

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