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Friday, December 28, 2007

Charni's Predictions For 2008

Following the request of our dear friend Tarek Cheniti, I am herfater, posting a translation of Charni's predictions for 2008 recently published in "Al Hadeth" newspaper:


-The world will witness many destructive earthquakes and natural catastrophies
-Turmoils everywhere
-A civil war in a middle eastern country
-Terror will prevail
-Oil prices will soar again and again and the dollar will continue decreasing
-Many world leaders will pass away or suddenly be overthrown

What’s new in all of the above???


-Moderates will overcome the “hawks and neo-conservatives”
-The country will look for new partnerships after Bush’s failure to open the Iraqi business market to American firms.
-A new democratic leader will be elected as President

Follow CNN and Fox News and you will get the same predictions…

Great Britain:

-The country will witness negative events in the beginning of the year or during the tenth month which will lead to an internal crisis.

This really needs a big effort to predict…


-Internal changes and difficulties toward the final quarter of 2008.

What a terrifying news!


-Iran will not avoid economic embargo but it will succeed in enriching uranium and will stand out as the big winner in the region. Some rapprochements between Iran and democrats in the USA.

Tom Lantos opening up to Iranians?? My foot!


-The bloodbath will not stop.
-A civil war in Iraq

MG! I never thought about that!!!!


-Egypt will be the scene of two surprising events

Jamal Moubarek will be the next president after his dad’s sudden departure??? may be…


-The country will succeed in concluding new “treaties” and penetrating new markets, something that will create animosity from USA and Europe especially on the African market.

I wonder if he did base his predictions on the last European-African summit…


-The political situation in this country will remain shaky although it will succeed in receiving financial aid that will help in reconstruction efforts. The shaky political situation will lead to sectarian strife.

I wonder if Hassan Nasrallah has the same predictions??

North Africa:

-A sudden death of a known figure in the region
-Hard economic situation in the region because of soaring oil prices and negative climate conditions.

Does this apply to Libya and Algeria??


-2008 will mark Libya’s new economic quantum leap. Some political manifestations and surprising decisions will draw the world’s attention.

I guess he did follow Qaddhafi’s European tour…


-Social conditions in this country will deteriorate because of unemployment rates and the increasing high cost of living.

What’s new???


-The country will face a very cold winter coupled with violent floods that will destroy infrastructure
-The summer will be very hot. The country will witness many strange storms and violent winds that will affect beaches goers.


-The agricultural season will be good although it will be affected by negative climate conditions
-Locusts will return to Tunisia
-Fires in certain wheat fields
-The production of tomatoes, potatoes and onions will be negatively affected.
-The summer’s heat will affect the poultry sector.

I guess he is aspiring for the position of Minister of Agriculture!!!

-Summer festivals will be a success.


-A big musical show by a world star (either male or female)

Jacko again????

-A sudden death of a dear Tunisian singer…

Allahomma la neselouka rad el 9adha we lakin neselouka elloutf fih.


Anonymous Anonymous said...


It’s an “I-predict-Benazir-Bhutto-was-killed-yesterday” type of prophecy :)

Thanks anyway Hannibal. As I said last year, Charni will need to hire a PR manager to survive in this competitive market :)

5:59 AM  
Blogger Roumi said...

C'est du grand art ! :p

2:37 PM  
Blogger PH said...

"Tom Lantos opening up to Iranians?? My foot!"

Well, he has retired because of Cancer :P, so he is out of the way :D.

12:13 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


can you get us the 2009 events please

9:54 AM  

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