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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Could Someone Shut FoxNews Channel??

I knew it's coming and that the pseudo-media jerks and hatemongers will never miss the opportunity to smear Islam and Moslems. Well it's nothing strange from FoxNews Channel, but this news item made me feel sick in the guts! According to this Channel, the VA Tech shooter apparently had scrawled the words "ISMAIL AX" on the inside of one arm, according to the Chicago Tribune, which may be a reference to the Islamic account of the Biblical sacrifice of Abraham. My Gosh!! what does Foxnews channel want to say by this??
Mmmm, who knows may be Cho Seung-Hui, is a muslim in disguise, (oops the family name Hui is a generic term for Muslim community in China!! how could Fox news miss that???) his real name Ismail Al Kouri and that he never missed a Friday prayer besides the fact that he observes Ramadhan even during the period of exams... enough is enough!
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Anonymous mataadi zeda said...

zaama men jmaaetan al sayed ?
ababab ghlebna al koll .

5:21 AM  
Anonymous Samer said...

Fee hada min jamaa`it FOX maa byin'hiwis bi askhaf it'tafaaseel il'bala ta`meh iza bishoof feeha tareeqa yurubta bi shee Muslim w'yikhaw'wif il-`aalam ? Bas shaatreen yi`alku; shoo bid'dak b'heik zboon?

6:06 PM  

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