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Thursday, April 05, 2007

Magharebia Attacks!

In a recent post I commented on the way the pseudo website Magharebia is constantly and systematically twisting, distorting and manipulating what North African bloggers write just to serve its again ridiculous and pitiless interests. This morning I came across this comment left by an anonymous commentator under the nick of Spy-boo!. In Tunisia we have a very famous saying: المجراب تهمزو مرافقو ( I'll let Magharebia and Co. do some research and give us an accurate and faithful translation as they usually did!), so for the sake of Magharebia and Co, I am hereby, publishing this comment. Enjoy!

"It is clear what Stupeur meant-- even the title of his post had "51%"-- what was this in reference to? The sales season? The Mauritanian elections? Or could it be the 51st anniversary of Tunisian independence! If Magharebia is guilty of anything, it's giving Stupeur and co a forum to air out their grievances about their society (and not 'company'-- give me a break!). And I believe, Hannibal, that the site responded to stupeur's comment (just follow the link) and offered to unpublish his quote. It's laughable how so many of you are coming to the rescue of a blogger that's apparently being attacked by the big bad US that-- god forbid-- is funding a website as opposed to a war. What's the complaint here? that the US government is not engaging Maghreb citizens in dialog instead of sending bombs? No. The site is being accused of "manipulation". I don't know what kind of team stands behind Magharebia-- but as someone who follows Maghreb news, I find it to be a decent source that actually respects the intelligence of its readers. They've got local correspondents, and they're not sensational. Given the pathetic state of Tunisian and Maghreb media in general, I would have imagined bloggers such as yourselves to be welcoming of the site and its attempt to give you a voice. But bla bla bla, it's a lot easier to bash a democracy than have the balls to call for one in your own backyard, let alone own up to your own words."


Anonymous Bamboutch & Bamboutcha said...

Aïeeee Rassiiiiiiiiiii

11:42 AM  
Anonymous stupeur said...

soudainement ca me rappelle : ena n9ollou thour ou houa y9olli jib ne7lbouh!

putain ce que ca peut etre minable et incomprehensible des fois

2:40 AM  
Blogger Hannibal said...

ستوبر ما فهمتكش أش تقصد؟

12:41 PM  
Anonymous stupeur said...

i'm not talking about you hannibal
on the contrary i really appreciate your blog and what you write and how you write it
but i'm talking about magharebia
i love the american democracy and it's supporters

fuck off Uncle Sam you really make me sick!!

5:20 PM  
Blogger Hannibal said...

@Stupeur: ooopps I am so sorry dude that was not my intention I just realized that my question was badly put sorry for this confusion and I appreciate your kind words. I like your blog too and it just made me feel sick in the guts when I find that your post and those of many other North african bloggers are simply distorted by the like of Magharebia and Co.!

8:18 PM  

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